Kuroda Lab Protocol

Time course of Xenopus Stages
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Artificial and Natural Fertilization: word
Animal Cap Assay: word
Dissociated-and-reaggregated cell assay: word
Spemann's organizer transplantation: word
Keller Explant: word

Plasmid Midi-Prep: pdf
RT-PCR (cold-condition): word
RT-PCR (hot-condition): html
Primers for RT-PCR: excel
Northern blot: word
Western blot for phospho sample: word
Antibody Stripping: word
HE staining for section: word
AP immunostaining: word
Section in situ hybridization: word
Whole mount in situ hybridization: html
LacZ staining for section: word
BDA staining on section: word
in vitro translation: word

その他(Japanese Only):
ツメガエルの餌の入手方法: html
カナダバルサムの溶解方法: html
Poly-HEMAプレートの作り方: google doc